Mobile Apps

A few years ago the telephone directory “Yellow Pages” was the primary medium for getting a business before the eyes of the local consumer. Businesses that could afford a display ad in the local Yellow Pages were the businesses that won the marketing game in that day.

How things have changed!

Today, people head to the Internet … and they don’t even have to go home or to the office to do an Internet search – they can do it right from their phones.

In the mid to late 1990’s businesses of all kind were presented with a new media: Internet advertising. Many businesses ignored the new advertising media, choosing to stay with traditional marketing venues such as Yellow Pages, Newspaper ads and direct marketing. Those entrepreneurs who decided to accept the challenge of changing their marketing strategy to encompass branded websites and Internet advertising soon pulled ahead of the pack.

Today it seems everyone from the local beauty salon to bakeries have an online presence. Why? Because they’ve discovered the secret: if you want to be found you have to be where the people are looking – on their smart phones and mobile devices.

With over 82 million Smartphone customers in the USA alone, you certainly don’t want to be left out of the market. By app-branding your business you are making it instantly accessible as your prospective client’s Smartphone is always in their purse, their hand or their pocket.

We can get your business into the hands of your prospective clients within weeks – yes YOU – can have a mobile app to put into the hands of consumers in your local area. Why let this business pass you by?

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